Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Modern Application of String Theory

My kids always accused me of circumlocution, of talking around a point before getting to the point, and I'm about to prove them correct again.

This weekend, I attended Tedx La Jolla, during which one speaker described the 'strings' of string theory as tiny particles that vibrate, and through those vibrations connect to each other. That led me into a conversation with someone about 'energy,' and how one can feel that energy in certain circumstances and know that it will affect the outcome. On a very plebian level, I can tell you that I felt it on the occasion of my son's last high school football game. When the team ran out onto the field, I didn't feel a confident energy, an energy that would have led them to win, and they didn't.

Not long after Tedx, I received an email about a Prayer Circle, or Healing Service to be held tonight for a friend, Jan, with glioblastoma (GBM), who will undergo her 2nd brain surgery tomorrow morning. This Healing Service called for women to come together to pray for our friend's health, safety and ultimate recovery with the goal of transmitting that energy, filled with positive thoughts and wishes, to Jan.

My intellectual energy was there, and my emotional energy was there, but I didn't have the spiritual energy that many other people in attendance had, but I hope that the prayers, hopes and wishes of over 100 women, some of whom don't even know Jan (including the woman I was talking to at Tedx about energy and string theory) will help her through tomorrow's surgery and her recovery over the weeks, months and hopefully years to come.

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