Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Don't Know How He Does It

I don't find enough time to finish all the things that I need to do, so how is it that my son, Jesse, can accomplish everything that needs to be done -- and then some? In addition to being a full-time student at NYU Tisch's @CliveDavisInst of Recorded Music (and he doesn't miss class), and a full-time musician (composer, performer, arranger, orchestrator, band manager and business manager for multiple bands; see http://www.jessekranzler.com/), he also found time to organize a fundraiser for UCSD's Che Cafe, a performance venue in San Diego that Jesse calls a "creativity inspiring space," where a lot of bands get their start. http://sandiegouniontribune.ca.newsmemory.com/publink.php?shareid=674c58e33.

Che Cafe is on the verge of being shut down unless it can raise $12,000 by March to pay its insurance premium, so Jesse has arranged for a 3-night music festival, with a different genre of music to be performed each night, to beheld January 6-8, 2011. To make a donation, go to checafebenefit at tumbler.com.

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