Monday, November 22, 2010

Attended My Niece's Wedding

Last night, my niece got married in the Bronx, the first of my 19 (or have I lost count) nieces and nephews to do so. I loved seeing how bride and groom looking at each other with so much love and adoration in their eyes. And I discovered that I had known the parents of the groom (whose last name I didn't even know until yesterday) in high school -- though it took me quite a while to stretch my mind that far back, and part of my mind didn't want to go there. Saw many relatives, including some I really like.

But what was also interesting is that I started getting incredible compliments on the book, and not only from family members (who can do either way -- either you can do no wrong in their eyes, or they know you too well to be impressed by anything you do). My sister-in-law, who had offered to host a book signing event for me in the Miami area, told me that she started  reading it "out of obligation," (not even out of interest, or curiosity?) but that once she did she got hooked, and loved it. My grandfather's 'voice' and his adventures has that effect on a lot of people.

I also met the son of a good friend whom I haven't seen in many years, though we recently connected on Facebook. This friend's son, who was a friend of my niece's, came over to introduce himself, very quickly adding that, "My father read your book and loved it!"

I admit to being pleased by the compliments, though still somewhat surprised by the amount of passion that the book stirs up in people. But that wasn't where my focus was, which, as usual centered around how proud I am of my own kids, the younger one, already a rock star, who attended the wedding with us -- until 'business' obligations called the 19-year-old away, and the older one, who arrives tomorrow night for Thanksgiving, who just landed a terrific new job with a company that's smart enough to recognize his talents, motivation, creativity and incredible work ethic. Seeing their successes, and happiness, is still the most important source of joy in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. No lectures on what to be thankful for; just enjoy -- whether it's being with family, friends, or just having a long weekend.

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