Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Each time I attend a conference on a topic related to self-publishing, I learn about something else I absolutely MUST do. At the recent conference in New York, it was reiterated that every book must have its own website. Now, I know the difference between a website and a blog, though for months, if people asked me if I had a website I replied that I had a blog; to me they accomplished the same thing. Apparently not. A website is more static while the blog is more dynamic. So, explain to me again why a blog isn't good enough?

I haven't gotten a definitive answer other than, "You just need one." I know that the website is a selling tool, with radio buttons and links to sites at which one can Buy the Book (because for reasons that I don't want to have to understand, it's not a good idea for a publisher/author to take on the responsibility of being a downloading site; better to link to someone else who does it).

Having heard this enough times, I realized that it's something I can't ignore any longer. And even though it will be static (God, I hope I'll be able to update it myself, rather than having to pay every time I change my mind or have a new idea), it naturally takes a lot of start-up time. So I'm currently writing the content for about 7 pages of website. Not that it's difficult; not that I can't use material I've already written and used elsewhere, but it's a separate line item on a To Do list that has become a black hole.

But I'm determined to have a little fun with it. There will be one page named "Just for Fun" in which I will post one son's sports writing and the other son's sports schedule, and basically give this proud Mama a space to brag about my children. I can't take full credit for them turning into the young men that they are; I'm too impressed with them to believe that I could have had too much to do with it.

So, watch this site for the announcement of when the website goes live, and then maybe you can explain to me why it's an all-important selling tool.


  1. I used to hold a higher opinion of web sites. But times change and cyber times change much too fast. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the power of a web site as a means of spreading the word. However, when it comes to business, this is your store and vending venue. Not only does it need to be there,and look attractive, but it is the best way for you to be in touch with what is happening to your product. So, good luck my friend and more power to you.

  2. Hi there. :)

    Yes, you need to have a web site just for the book. :) This means JUST for the book. It can have links to your blog, your own personal web site etc. But it should be a site... Just for the Book. Hehe. That means no space for the boys' achievements etc. But you also need your own personal website - (which can have space for everything you please) - and all of these websites should display prominent links to each other - creating your own little (or not so) virtual world. Let me know if you need help or advice -the husband is an IT guru.

    Everything else sounds like it's going well. I wish I could make some calls for you. In this case, patience is a virtue, and I am SURE it's going to pay off. :-)