Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Product Starbucks Needs to Offer

I do most of my writing at a convenient Starbucks; oddly it's a place where I get less distracted than if I work alone, at home.

But having just ordered my 'usual' (Triple Decaf Espresso Machiatto - Nonfat, which is known in other circles as a 'Why Bother?'), when my friendly barista asked, "Anything else?" I was tempted to say, "Yeah, a neck massage" which isn't one of Starbucks many new product extensions.

Maybe it's the fact that I sit in one place all day on a hard, wooden chair (though I've recently taken to bringing my own gel cushion for comfort and better posture), or because the table is higher than a desk so my shoulders necessarily rise up closer to my ears, but at the end of every day my neck is stiff, my shoulders are tight, and my fingers don't want to hold onto anything more challenging than a fork. My neck even feels shorter, as if it's retracted like a turtle's.

No point to this entry. I'm just tired and have both too much and too little to say.

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