Friday, October 26, 2012

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5.0 out of 5 stars Reads like a novel, 21 May 2012 By The Kindle Book Review - See all my reviews (TOP 1000 REVIEWER) This review is from: The Accidental Anarchist (Kindle Edition) " The Accidental Anarchist," by Bryna Kranzler, tells the real-life story of Jacob Marateck, who happened to be the author's grandfather--but more importantly for the reader, lived a life that puts many a novel to shame when it comes to action and excitement. To give you an idea: Marateck was a Jew born into Czarist Russia, participated in the Revolution, and was sentenced to death three times. The book is based on Marateck's diaries, but surely the fact that it makes such compelling reading is due in large measure to Kranzler's gift for storytelling. Marateck emerges as an essentially ordinary, matter-of-fact man who was happy by nature, despite surviving extraordinary circumstances. In other words, a real-life hero with a remarkable capacity to stand up to whatever Fate was dishing out. And judging by this story, Fate took a particular interest in Jacob Marateck. This book works on many levels. It's an exciting story that, despite the harsh life experiences depicted, leaves the reader feeling good about life. If you like exciting stories but feel like trying something new, this book is for you. It also has scholarly value for those interested in Russian history, Judaism, politics, and cognitive strategies for survival. Though I must add that the writing is never dull or dry. In other words, it could be a book that students actually enjoy reading. It seems to me this book is everything the author hoped it would be. Besides no doubt being an object of pride in her family, this is a book that would make any author proud. Jon P. Bloch (The Kindle Book Review)

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