Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Wealth of Information About Poland -- and an Unpublished Excerpt from The Accidental Anarchist

A woman in Israel, Ada Holtzman, has put together an amazing website reconstructing some of the Polish towns that were destroyed in the Holocaust, and gathered the names of many Polish Jews who were martyred. If you have ancestors from Poland, you'll find a wealth of information at She has information about specific towns, including my grandfather's home town of Vishigrod (Wyszogrod).

On this page, you'll also find a story that does not appear in The Accidental Anarchist but which comes from my grandfather's diaries. The story is called The Samurai of Vishigrod and the Very Small Pogrom, and it's a charming story of one of my grandfather's heroes -- Yonah, who helped mobilize the Jews to defend themselves against a pogrom.

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