Friday, January 21, 2011

I Don't Know What You'd Call This Kind of Coincidence

I've written about my rock star son who was on a 3 week-long European tour. All went smoothly -- they're practically national heroes in Germany, in particular -- until the last day. They had a free day in Prague, having canceled their Vienna show because their flight back was due to leave 11 hours after their show and it was a 9 hour drive to Berlin (good call).

But when they got up Tuesday morning, they discovered that their van had been broken into, and that one of the amps had been stolen. OK; bad enough to have to drive back to Berlin without a back window and have to deal with the rental car agency, but about 12 hours later, Tuesday in San Diego, I got home from my morning workout to discover that the back window of our van, which my son uses for touring, had been broken into, and the only thing stolen was his amp. How weird is that?

Above is a poster that was plastered all around Erfurt or Dresen when they arrived. (For some reason, their genre, which here is called "math rock," is called "fricklepop" in Germany. If anyone knows what that means, please post a message; I'd love to know).

Alas, my son's band, Witt, is giving its final performance this Saturday night* at their former high school, where the boys met. It's not for love of the music or lack of love for each other, but simply that two of them are in college in CA and my son's in college in NY, and they can't compose together over that distance.

But at least my son has 10 other bands (all different genres) and an upcoming off-off-Broadway musical to keep him busy. This kid amazes me.

*If you're interested in attending the final performance, contact me and I'll let you know where it will be

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