Friday, May 14, 2010

Blogging May Be Sporadic for a While

Things have gotten very hectic preparing for the book launch. I just received my advanced review copies yesterday, and am now sending them out to review publications for quotes. I'd already have half a dozen of them in the mail by now if I weren't having such a hard time writing the promotional back jacket blurb copy,but that's my problem. In the meantime, I'm also identifying independent bookstores who will read independently published books to consider carrying them in their stores. And also contacting authors (whom I don't know) and requesting that they read my book and provide a quote for the back cover. The one thing I have going for me in this last regard is that Elie Wiesel has committed to providing a quote (I sent him my proof copy, which I got about 2 weeks ago). I was planning to wait till I had his quote in hand before contacting the other authors, but my friend, Barbara, suggested that I not wait, because everyone is busy and who knows how long something can take. It may be that I publish in October with fewer quotes, and as more come in I'll update the back cover. That's one advantage of being in charge of the printing, yourself (though it may use up my ISBN numbers more quickly). That's why there is typically a 3 to 4 month lead time between the time a book is "finished" and when it's published -- you need stuff to fill out the back cover. I have a few authors in mind to contact, but if anyone would like to make a suggestion, or has a personal relationship with an author of 'Jewish' books or history books, drop me a note; it may very well help.


  1. 你所貫徹的形象,你喜愛它有多少百分比,你就幸福多少百分比..............................

  2. Thanks for sharing your arduous journey on your way to publishing this book. Congrats on getting a blurb from the great Elie Wiesel. That, in itself, may make a major difference and as you state, add credibility. For all you know, it will not only help pick up readers but also bring the book to the attention of more important reviewers.

  3. Bryna –

    Not sure if this is the optimum location at your blog for posting comments on my read of the review copy of the book that made its way into my home (via Maureen perhaps?). Rather than repeat some comments that I emailed you directly, I’ll proffer a few more. The struggle/process/evolution that Jacob undertakes in resolving various moral dilemmas – e.g. whether to befriend and to what to what extend to befriend the criminal Pyavka, or his temptations to enter into relationships with various women he meets in his “adventures” far from home – were captivating. As someone who is two generations removed from Jacob (and who hails from essentially the same place), it was like reading a history of my own mind. I gained a fuller understanding of the cultural/religious sources of certain strong “pulls” I have felt throughout life. I’m grateful for that. It’s hard for me to separate the value of this work from its significance to me personally, but I can’t help believe that this is important history. [To what extent are the stories as well as the organization of the book, Jacob’s doing versus that of your dad, mom and yourself? There is a fictional quality that makes for great reading, but it’s hard to believe. This is not criticism, but simply comment.] Jacob’s voice is delightful, personal; I want more. What happed in America? PA and NY?